Jack’s Story

I attempted suicide after getting my first apartment after my divorce. I had just stayed with some friends for about a year and had stayed sober and clean during that time. But I relapsed about a week after getting in the apartment and took a large amount of pills and more

Mary, Henry, Brandon, and Brittany

Shortly after welcoming Brittany and Brandon into their home, Mary and Henry quickly realized the significant needs the children had. They learned about an early life of abuse and neglect while the siblings had been living in another state. Having never been to the doctor, often homeless living out a tent more

David’s Story

Today I have been seven months clean and sober. Thanks to God, family, the 12 steps and Sinnissippi Centers’ Recovery for Life. I also received two A’s and two B’s at Sauk this past semester and I work at a golf course. My name is David and I am addicted to more

Heather’s Story

My recovery would not be what it is today without the people at Sinnissippi who pointed me in the right direction and continue to help me stay on the right track. Just as important and the cornerstone of my sobriety is sponsorship in AA, my higher power, attending as many more

Nicole’s Story

Told by Nicole’s Sinnissippi Centers’ Recovery Support Specialist, her story is one of the importance of caring for the whole individual and having close cooperation between the medical and the behavioral healthcare fields. Nicole first came to Sinnissippi Centers on a referral from her primary care physician. She was experiencing psychotic-like more

Josh’s Story

Josh came to Sinnissippi Centers following a tough time in his life. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry in Afghanistan. While in the combat zone, Josh developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He was diagnosed with thought disorder and showed symptoms of depression. He also had a problem with more

Lisa’s Story

Recently, I viewed the movie, “Facing the Giants,” which focuses on a high school football team and the struggles they endured as they worked together to have a winning season. This inspirational film caused me to reflect on some of the challenges that I’ve face over the past 28 years more

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