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What is a Recovery Home?

Reentry from residential care back to one’s own community can be abrupt and can contribute to an increase in the chance for a relapse and a need to go back to residential care. Individuals who are in recovery still face challenges which are possible triggers for relapse.

The Recovery Homes are for individuals committed to their sobriety. It seeks to make the transition from residential treatment to the community smoother and increases the success of the recovery process for anyone committed to their sobriety. We have a men’s and a women’s Recovery Home.

Sinnissippi Center’s Dixon Recovery Home

Sinnissippi Recovery Homes are SUPR licensed treatment facilities staffed 24/7. Residents attend treatment and implement sober living skills with other people in early recovery.
The Recovery Homes are currently available to adult men and adult women facing a substance use disorder who need extended support to stay clean and sober.

Sinnissippi Center’s Amboy Recovery Home

Our Recovery Homes offer a healthy recovery environment and support. The length of stay can vary based on the needs of the individual, typically 3 to 9 months on average.

Do I need Sober Living?

Did you go to inpatient treatment to stop using alcohol and other substances? If you returned home, would you be likely to start using again? Do you need to develop a daily routine and strong recovery support to help you live life sober? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then the Recovery Home may be what you need.

For people in early recovery from addiction, there is so much to regain and recover in order to rebuild their lives. The Recovery Home is a therapeutic living environment and a place to practice recovery skills while living in a sober, safe, and structured living environment.

What You Need to Know About residing at the Recovery Home:

  • Adherence to recovery structure and program guidelines
  • No possession or use of alcohol or other illicit substances
  • Attendance at 12 step/alternative support meetings
  • Weekly contact with a sponsor/alternative support
  • Have or work toward a legitimate means of financial support (work, public assistance, social security, etc.)
  • Monthly program fees made in a timely manner
  • Intensive Outpatient Group treatment and After Care
  • Case management and individual counseling
  • Cooperative and harmonious living in the house
  • Participation in cleaning of the apartment and common living areas
  • Respect toward agency and peers’ personal property
  • Maintenance of your personal wellness and relapse prevention skills
  • Learning daily living skills to maintain balance and structure in one’s recovery

Benefits of living in a recovery home

  • Alcohol and drug free living environment
  • Ongoing recovery education
  • Linkage with any needed community support agencies
  • Recovery peer support and fellowship for ongoing recovery
  • Sober, social activities to decrease isolation and build one’s social network
  • Assistance in job search and/or continuation of educational goals
  • Assistance with budgeting and money management to promote savings for future independent living
  • Opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills to enjoy a rewarding recovery program
  • Develop and enhance leadership skills
  • Opportunity for friendships and fellowship opportunities that frequently continue after moving out
  • Stable housing during the stress of early recovery
  • Knowledgeable staff that help in all aspect of recovery

Click HERE to download a MEN’S Recovery Home application

Click HERE to download a WOMEN’S Recovery Home application

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