Josh’s Story

Josh came to Sinnissippi Centers following a tough time in his life. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry in Afghanistan. While in the combat zone, Josh developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He was diagnosed with thought disorder and showed symptoms of depression. He also had a problem with alcohol.

All of his symptoms flared while in the military and he was discharged after receiving a DUI. Soured by how he left the Army, Josh didn’t apply for his VA benefits nor did he seek treatment. He also faced unemployment and the transition to “normal” life. All of this led to a lot of stress and more drinking.

Josh still thought he was okay, but as time went on he drank more and his symptoms worsened. He began to have frequent suicidal thoughts.

Josh received a second DUI. He says he was on his way to kill himself when he got into a car accident. He spent a week in the behavioral health unit at KSB hospital.

At that point, Josh realized he couldn’t live this way. Se he decided to reach out for help. It wasn’t easy. He got the support of a family member to help him make that first call. He says the phone seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, but after the call was done, the weight was lifted.

Josh is in recovery and has hope for the future. He says, “Recovery is like getting to know yourself again. Knowing what you like, what you don’t, and how that pertains to your recovery.”

His story, like all recoveries, isn’t an easy straight line. He’s relapsed and then gotten back on track. He went to Sinnissippi’s Intensive Outpatient Group for a second time to get what he needed to continue his recovery. It’s a process, like life is a process.

Josh is now applying to the VA for benefits so he can get treatment for his PTSD, he is going back to school and he wants to pursue a career in the mental health/substance use treatment field. He hopes to use his experience to help others. Josh’s story is just one of many out there that shows how people have been helped. Treatment works, recovery is possible.

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