Mental Health First Aid Can Save Lives Too (Training of “Mental Health First Aiders” to be held in Rochelle.)

(Rochelle, IL) Imagine you are at work and a co-worker is having shortness of breath and chest pains that rapidly worsen. You are trained in first aid and CPR and you quickly determine it’s a heart attack. You call 911 and perform CPR during the short time it takes for paramedics to arrive. Because of your training and quick action you helped save a life.

Now imagine instead of a heart attack, your co-worker has a different disease: Like severe depression, and they are having suicidal thoughts. They are in need of a different kind of first aid, what now? Can you help? The answer to that question is, YES. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) trainers from Sinnissippi Centers will be offering a one day training to residents of Rochelle and the surrounding area.

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