COVID-19 Updates

Important information about Sinnissippi Centers Services during the Coronavirus outbreak.  SINNISSIPPI CENTERS SERVICES DURING SHELTER IN PLACE RESTRICTIONS Check here periodically as we may... continue reading

Innovation The Key To Future Success

(Dixon, IL) While there never has been a time that Sinnissippi Centers hasn’t looked for innovative solutions to providing behavioral healthcare, the road to the future for community behavioral healthcare seems to be in seeking a high level of innovation in every corner of the organization and on a continual basis.

“For many years, Sinnissippi Centers and our partner agencies in our region and across the state have suffered as funding from the state of Illinois has continued to erode,” says Patrick Phelan, Sinnissippi Centers’ President/CEO. “This year the losses have been at an all-time high, and unlike previous years there is very little hope that any of those lost funds will be restored,” adds Phelan.

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