Governor’s Proposed Budget Good for Behavioral Health

A much needed and long overdue increase in funding and support for behavioral health has been proposed in Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget and in a bill in the legislature. The Governor revealed some of the details for increased funding of behavioral health in the state in his speech on February 2, 2022.

“This is by far the largest investment in mental health proposed during my time in the field,” says Sinnissippi Centers’ President/CEO Patrick Phelan. “It is the most advantageous proposed budget we have seen in many years, and we thank the Governor, all of our friends in the legislature, and especially Representative Tom Demmer, who essentially was a co-sponsor of this legislation,” adds Phelan. “At last count HB4238 had almost 70 co-sponsors, this is a broadly supported measure,” says Phelan. “The new position in the Governor’s office will be very beneficial as well.”

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