Art for a Cause; The Sinnissippi Foundation (8th Annual Expressions Art Sale and Reception benefits the Sinnissippi Foundation)

(Dixon, IL) Art for a Cause is one way to describe an upcoming April fund raiser at The Next Picture Show in Dixon.

The Sinnissippi Foundation and Sauk Valley Bank host the 8th annual Expressions Art Sale and Reception, which begins April 10, 2012 when art and silent auction items go on display and concludes Friday, April 20, 2012, with an evening reception from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. at The Next Picture Show in Dixon (113 West First Street).

“We couldn’t have a high quality event like Expressions without the dozens of sponsors, artists, businesses and organizations who donate silent auction items, The Next Picture Show staff and volunteers, and Sinnissippi Centers and Sinnissippi Foundation board members and staff volunteers,” says Jim Sarver, Sinnissippi Centers’ President and CEO.

“We are also very pleased to have Sauk Valley Bank return as co-sponsor of Expressions,” adds Sarver. “They are an important partner in making this event a success. They have been a wonderful supporter of the Sinnissippi Foundation, but they have also demonstrated a commitment to the arts and to their local communities as well. It’s a pleasure to have them on board and a very natural fit for the local community oriented bank.”

“There will be two new features at Expressions this year,” adds Sarver. “First, through The Next Picture Show’s website, we will offer art for sale online at virtually the same time as it is available for purchase at the gallery.” This will allow those who have wanted to participate in the past in the sale but weren’t able to because of other commitments, to be able to participate by buying a piece of art online, via secure website, from the comfort of their home. The art will available for purchase on The Next Picture Show’s website from April 10 – 19, 2012. Art will not be available for purchase online April 20, 2012, the day of the reception portion of the event.

To purchase Expressions art online just go to and click on the link at the left side of the page to Expressions. “We are very pleased that The Next Picture Show is allowing the Foundation to be the first to use this new feature of The Next Picture Show’s website, even before they will be using it themselves. We had planned to find a way to add this feature to the event early on, and TNPS stepped up to make it happen.” Additional charges for shipping may apply for some buyers. Following Expressions, art from TNPS’s gallery will be available for sale online.

“Secondly, we are adding an exhibit of art from individuals in recovery from a alcohol or other drug issue. Photos will be exhibited with a brief note about the photo, the individual’s recovery, or other topics. “These pieces will not be for sale, but are a pure exhibit.

Artists whose have committed one or more of their works of art to the Expressions Art Sale include: Les Allen, Kathy Blunk, Larry Bond, Graydon Cafarella, Debra Cleary, Ellen Donaldson Allen, Tim Drane, Margery Franklin, Beverly Garcia, Shirley Guay, Rachelle Gunderson, Jan Harvey, Lisa Higby LeFevre, Steve Johnson, Charles Kerr, Rosalie Koldan, Pat Lathe, Bob Logsdon, Todd Lorenc, Thomas D. Mangelsen, Phil Mattox, Debb Munson, Rick Munson, Ann Marie Potts, Betty Predmore, Ken Reif, Sydni Reubin, Debbie Thompson, and Tristan Young.

Art and silent auction items will go on display Tuesday April 10, 2012 at the Next Picture Show. Art items can be purchased at any time once they go on display at the gallery and bids can be placed on the silent auction items. The sale and auction will conclude on at the end of the reception portion of the event on Friday April 20, 2012.

“There are a variety of ways individuals can get more information about Expressions. They can call the Foundation for information at 815-284-9380. They can also visit online at and click on the link at the lower left of the home page to view the event catalog of art and silent auction items.

They can also view the event and photos of art and silent auction items on the Foundation’s Facebook fan page. Just search for either Sinnissippi Foundation or Expressions Art Sale from your Facebook account.” The fan page is updated in real time as pieces of art and silent auction items are received, and the catalog is update regularly.

Proceeds from Expressions will help the Foundation continue its mission of providing for the urgent needs of individuals and families in the Sinnissippi Community. Some examples of that assistance include keeping families in their homes or helping a family obtain safe housing, keeping the heat on during the cold winter months, providing a much needed meal during the holidays with a holiday food basket, and supporting events that promote and celebrate recovery and wellness.

Proceeds will also support the Foundation’s ongoing mission of promoting the mental wellness of those same individuals and families, supporting community initiatives, and increasing the awareness of mental health and substance use issues while fighting the stigma that still exists around mental illness and substance abuse.

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