• This anonymous email is available for your use in making an anonymous report of suspected incidents of unlawful or unethical behaviors or practices. Reportable activities are those that are prohibited by law or otherwise violate professional or clinical standards, or those which endanger one or more service recipients as a result of the care, services, or conditions allowed by the agency or by persons employed by the agency.

    It is not required that your report be submitted anonymously. If you wish, you may contact your supervisor, and/or any member of Sinnissippi's Corporate Compliance Committee, including the agency's CEO, CFO, CCO, COO, and Corporate Compliance Officer.

    All reports will be investigated; and if evidence of improper action is found, the agency will do that which is necessary in order to prevent a recurrence of the violation.

    Thank you for your email and for your commitment to maintaining a high quality of care.

    Stacie Kemp

    Vice President/Chief Clinical Officer and Corporate Compliance Officer

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